I caught fire!

Ever wonder what happens when you push the pretty red button...

3 December 1989
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created by: steftones

I'm me that's all i can say! Life is pretty cool and i wouldn't change anything about it! I live with my fiance and love my life with him. I have a few awsome friends who I wouldn't give up for anything. Matt: Thanks so much for becoming my number one best freind and love of my life. I don't know what i would do without you! I can't wait to see what out future holds for us! Shay: you are my best friend right now. I'm so glad i have you. It's great knowing that your won't forget me or give up on our friendship. Courtney: You've been my other best friend for since last year and you are the coolest lil sis ever! Gabby: I'm so glad that you came back to Tennessee. It's been insanely boring without you to talk too. Sammy: Good luck in the Army baby! Stay safe and hurry home.

I can't stand the lead singer of Motion City Soundtracks hair! (eek fix it!) Christina Augleria Sucks and so does the Black Eyed Peas! And I don't really like Bowling for Soup! oh well... I hate people who think they know everything. I don't like so called friends who say they are always there and vanish as soon as you need them. (got plenty of those).I also can't stand people who just live to be assholes, so stay away from me if you fit that discription! Thanks
basic info
first nameMeagan
middle nameMichele
last nameWilson
age(for people who don't want to do math)16
about you
favorite foodchicken
favorite song"Time to Waste" or "Burn" and a few thousand more
favorite band/singerAlkaline Trio (Matt's hot) The Doors (Jim Morrison is hot)
favorite actor/actressStuart Townsend/Cillian Murphy
coke or pepsicoke
chocolate or vanillachocolate
ice cream or cakecake
your weakness seeing people cry
how many times do you talk on the phone a day?a few (maybe 2 or 3)
who do you talk to?friends, family, people...
are you in school?sadly...
what school?Central
your town
your hometownKnoxville
where you live nowEnglewood
what kind of people live therepeople...what do you think Aliens?
more about you
your styleblue jeans/tee shirts
how many CDs do you haveWay to many to count
favorite type of make upeyeliner all the way baby!
favorite wordholy fricking moosi
most overly used word when online LMAO, LOL
do you wish I would shut uppretty much...


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